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Zappy The Star
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
:wave: Hi there! Welcome to my page!

I hope you enjoy my art! and if you don't please keep your comments to your self.

:bulletblack: About Me! :bulletblack:

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One IMPORTANT thing that everyone should know about me.

Gentle Criticism Stamp by Mirz123

Okay so....I don't mind Criticism but please be gentle on me please when it comes to criticism..don't yell at me saying, "OH MY GOSH! THIS IS AWFUL!" then explaining what I need to change and stop drawing how like i'm drawing really..


My DA Family:

Dad: None

Mum: None

Older Sisters: :iconoxgalaxyboomxo: :iconcupkakez: :iconprettyxthexartist: :iconseriblaze: :iconanna-the-cherry: :iconlukasmarryme: :iconobsidiangirl999: :icondominiquesoulz123: :iconxxaphmaufan101xx: :iconxxprelettheartistxx: :iconprettymelodyrhythm: :iconbea-drowned:

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Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Do not recolor anybody else's part of the collab including mine. If people don't color over yours don't color over their's
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Credit Me and the base maker like this.
Collab: : iconmcsmchick123 : No spaces
Base: : iconpiku-seru : No spaces
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! I do not want to hear complains that you didn't get a slot or any other bull crap.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Have fun! 

1: :iconcupkakez:

2: :iconprettymelodyrhythm:

3: :iconxxprelettheartistxx:


My Highschool Uniform
I hope you like it lol
Credit:  :iconoctoberarts66:
A/N: I guess you could say this is a series XD. Oh! 1. This will be in Kalos..I'm tempted to put Team Skull in here even though they aren't in Kalos..In the 2nd part (if I ever do it) I might do a bit of rivalry between Team Rocket and Team Skull, think that will be fun XD. So...It will be Me, Prelet and Ashley who will get starters and Galaxy, Ninja and Pretty will join us on our journey later. Pretty will be a normal trainer but..Galaxy and Ninja you guys are something a bit more special... (No you guys aren't dating don't worry XD) You guys are both Gym Leaders!!!! :D Galaxy and Ninja will join us both on our travels cause they have some friends that will take their places. So..Lets get started!!!! Also, instead of 8 gyms you have to beat 10 gyms to get in the league.

.:Zappy's Pov:.
Zappy: *yawn*
Hiya! I'm Zappy Bay Oakhart! I am 10 years old and LOVE POKEMON!!! (I only said 10 years old because Pokemon trainers start their journey when they are 10) Today is also the day I get my starter with my friends Ashley and Prelet! We've been friends since we were born. All of our moms are very good friends. (Not True XD) I get out of bed and go downstairs and say hi to my mom, little did I know there was a surprise waiting for me.
Zappy: Hi mom!
Mia: Good morning sweetie! Your friends are here by the way! *smiles*
Zappy: They are?
Mia: Yeah, they are in the living room.
Zappy: Okay! *walks to the living room*
Prelet: *looks to me* Oh! Hey lazy bones! 
Zappy: Hi! *yawns*
Ashley: Oh, hi!
Zappy: Well i'm gonna go get dressed.
Ashley + Prelet: *nods*
I change and rush downstairs. You do not know how excited I am to get my starter.
Mia: Make sure to wear your hat that I got you!
Zappy: Fine!! *walks upstairs and grabs hat and goes back downstairs*

Image result for pokemon hat 
Zappy: Happy now?
Mia: Very! Shadow! Leaf! Say bye to Zappy!
I saw my mother's Meowth and Leafeon come in the living room and cuddle against my legs. 
Zappy: I'll miss you guys! *hugs them both*  Huggle!  
I hug my mom and me and my friends rush out of the door.
~Time Skip~
We were in front of Professor Sycamore's Lab I immediately rush in and call out for the professor. 
Zappy: Professor Sycamore?
Sycamore: Yes?
Zappy: Hi! I'm Zappy! These are my friends, Ashley and Prelet! Were here to get a starter today!
Sycamore: Ah! I've been expecting you!
Zappy: You have?
Sycamore: Yes! Your mother told me all about you.
Zappy: Oh my Arceus..
Sycamore: Well, here are all the Pokemon that you can choose from! *all the Pokeballs open*
Prelet: WOW! THERE ALL SO CUTE!! *grins* Love 
Sycamore: Here! *hands us all a Pokedex* Know how to use it?
We all nod
I scan the blue frog Pokemon, it looks so freaking cute Oma!! The Pokedex said, 
<Froakie: The Bubble Frog Pokemon: It protects its skin by covering its body in delicate bubbles. Beneath its happy-go-lucky air, it keeps a watchful eye on its surroundings.>
Zappy: Wow! That's amazing!
Prelet: Yeah! I'll scan this one! 
Prelet scanned the Fox Pokemon and it sad this,
>Fennekin: The Fox Pokemon: Eating a twig fills it with energy, and its roomy ears give vent to air hotter than 390 degrees Fahrenheit.>
Ashley: I'll scan this one then.
The Pokedex said this,
<Chespin: The Spiny Nut Pokemon: The quills on its head are usually soft. When it flexes them, the points become so hard and sharp that they can pierce through stone.>
Ashley: Whoa, that's pretty cool!
Sycamore: Go on ahead and choose!
Zappy: Well i'm choosing Froakie! It's so cute! I think it's a girl!
The Froakie nodded and I smiled, so did everyone else.
Prelet: How do you know it's a girl? :? (Confused) 
Zappy: Girl, I told you this, I've been studying gender ratios of Pokemon.
Prelet: I forgot. Pikachu Piff Plz I'm choosing Fennekin!
Ashley: Cool. I got Chespin then.
Zappy: How about a double battle? Me vs. You two?
Prelet + Ashley: Why not.
Zappy: Yay!
Sycamore: There's a battlefield in the back, go on ahead!
Zappy: C'mon slow pokes!
Wow today is an awesome day so far! I hope I win the battle!
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My reaction when Ein had Aph's phone
I was triggered. Lord have mercy I hate you Ein. GO DIEHHHHHHH

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one who reacted like this.

Ein belongs to Aphmau.
Mia's Trainer Card (Zappy's Mother)
Here is my Mothers trainer card :3

Yes this is my Mother's introduced...Also maybe today or tomorrow I will post Zappy's TRUE backstory. I know I made a lot of backstories for her but I've thought long and hard about it so that's why. :D 

Bases: :iconselenaede:
Trainer Meme: :iconkuching-sama:
Lillie's Trainer Card
If Lillie was a Pokemon Trainer here is her card. :3

Bases: :iconselenaede:
Meme By: :iconkuching-sama:
Just got back from a family road trip. Went to visit my uncle in the country and BOI it was a long ride. Also, I got a GORGEOUS stone. I'll post it when I feel like charging my phone and taking a picture.
Looked up all of Yoosung's endings....Looked at the bad endings.......NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I GOT ALL THE BAD ENDINGS T^T
Good morning/Afternoon/Night/Evening. xD
Just got Pokemon Go. XD. Chose Squirtle, nicknamed it squirt. Got a Charmander and a Spinark. 
:iconxxprelettheartistxx: I've always wondered, what grade are you in?
How I got my scars
Ya know how you see my oc with scars? Well, she got them by walking in the forest to think about her problems and got attacked by monsters and her, 'power' was released. She has the scars forever but the bruise on her cheek went away.

Art by: :iconmcsmchick123:
Used to draw: Ms. Paint MS Paint 3 Icon 

Used to shade:

Love you guys, Giant Buddies Hug.  



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